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It all started back in the year 2020 to fulfill a dream.

I, Jordan, about 4 years ago wanted to start a brand, a clothing brand. In order to stand out from the crowd, I felt the website had to REALLY¬†stand out, as an e-commerce brand’s image is heavily reflected by it’s site. So I spent months and months learning how to develop the best site possible. And it worked! The brand began to get noticed and loads of comments about how good the site was (along with a fair few orders ;)! So good that the website requests began to pour in! And Jaylee Digital was born. (This is a dramatically shortened version to save you time – so if you’re reading this, then i appreciate you a lot.)

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I say CEO… But I feel when it’s self-proclaimed, it’s used to make the person sound cooler and to be quite honest, it’s just me here writing this myself! In short, I’ve spent the past few years building my brand Baykost, that has over 177k on TikTok and 15k on Instagram, other smaller brands, and of course this business. So when people come for a site, they don’t just get the site but small snippets and tips based on my own experience in the world of e-commerce and service providing.


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